Lucas Henry Bailey

The saddest post I hope I ever have to make. (And posted quite some time after the event )

Yesterday at 38 weeks Rachel’s waters broke. We went straight to hospital but a she had not entered labour were sent back home. At about 11:00pm she suddenly experienced a huge loss of blood. An ambulance was called and we were rushed to William Harvey hospital.

At 12:03 am Lucas Henry Bailey was born by emergency caesarian. Rachel had suffered a placental abruption – where the placenta comes away from the womb wall too early. This deprived Lucas of blood and oxygen for too long a period.

He was born without a heartbeat but was revived. However the damage was too severe. he was brain damaged, deaf, blind and with no feeling. He could not survive.

Rachel’s Mum arranged a quick Christening and then life support was taken off. This allowed us to hold him in our arms for his last few hours. Rachel was still very drugged up at this point. I was not – and I remember watching him slip away slowly. He finally left us at 6:15 am.

He was looked after a loved for all that short time.

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