Bright Son

Well despite being naughty all evening my son has impressed at least three times tonight.

Firstly: He repeated an advert he had seen explaining that poachers capture snow leopards for quote, their coats for fur, and their blood and bones for medicine. He then said that we should go out and capture the poachers, put them in prison and make them wear ladies clothes! Could be a good deterrent.

Secondly: On the spot he made up a story about “Owl Heart Beetles.” They apparently get inside you and eat your heart! But we don’t need to worry as we can get a tiny tiny kitten that has lasers that can shoot them – except the little ones that don’t eat your heart but stroke it and kiss it.

Thirdly: I agreed he could play four games on my Nexus. After playing two he turned around to me and said “We have two games to go Daddy!” Very impressed with the maths there!

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