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Just over a third of the way

On my poem a day challenge.

OK so they may not all be the best quality but they are serving their purpose, they are getting me back to thinking in a creative way, and seeing the world in a different, more imaginative way. A skill I had lost or forgotten. This small exercise each day is bringing it all back.

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Poem a day challenge #122 (Sold)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

We can make you a better parent
Just come and bank with us
We can make you a better lover
Just use our scent
We can make you more successful
Just drive our cars
We can make you a better man
Just drink our beers
We can make you young and cool
Just use our phones
We can make you healthier
Just eat our food

Give us your money
So we can fill the gaps
Of your so obviously
Empty lives

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