Poem a day challenge #335 (In the Earth)

In the Earth By Scott Bailey © 2014 A pewter dragon in the dust Some curling chains turned to rust Some old bones stacked in line A bone comb with a broken tine Ritual gifts or just waste Theorise with too much haste Maybe let the question go Maybe let the mystery grow  Get the … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #335 (In the Earth)

Poem a day challenge #334 (Lights)

Lights By Scott Bailey © 2014 Swirling up into the night Like some lonely northern light Not north but here it did appear Why am I not filled with fear A spiral of blue and green Wispy tendrils barely seen Twisting up and further still I watch it rise with mounting thrill Into the stars … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #334 (Lights)

Poem a day challenge #333 (Tomorrow)

Tomorrow By Scott Bailey © 2014 Hurrying, cramming in, rush rush rush Preparing for tomorrow is all By the time it’s done Tomorrow is already gone And so the cycle goes On and on   Get the previous ones here http://wp.me/P3kG6h-bb  and get my début novel Mankind Limited