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It was one of those days. But work was over, the kids were in bed at last, the carnage they had caused was fixed – for now. Dinner was cooked and on the table, wife was in the bath. All I wanted was to watch something mindless on TV while I ate. But the kids had one last piece of chaos to deliver – the remote was nowhere to be seen. The TV was stuck on the children s channel.

So in desperation I flicked on the NowTv box and chose the first film to catch my eye.

Pacific Rim.

I was pleasantly surprised.  I have been trying to figure out why I liked it.

The film is completely formulaic, totally predictable, has stock characters and relies totally on special effect. Not things that endear me at all. It has everything an action/sci-fi film is ‘supposed’ to have. A hero grieving over a tragic loss called back into service reluctantly. Two partners who are unlike and don’t like each other thrust together and made to work as a team. Characters with father and child issues to resolve. Alpha males squaring up and fighting to get the pecking order correct. Comedy geeky scientists who dislike each other but end up working together to save the day. You get the idea. You barely need to actually watch the film.


It’s like someone said let’s make a film by the book  – but – let’s do it bloody well.

But that’s still not quite it. That’s not what made it for me. What was it that did it? Oh yes.


That’s it. If that’s doesn’t do it for you – don’t bother watching it. Otherwise, kick back, lay down your pretensions and let the child in you revel in a monster fest!

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