The Forest of Dreams

The Forest of Dreams By Scott Bailey 2015 Dark, thick between the trees No light shines off The dull black armour Of the horseman as he rides Slow through the forest of dreams. Pale the winding path The black knight follows His weary steed plods steadfast As it’s burden heavy grows Head hung low This … Continue reading The Forest of Dreams

Adoption Update

What can I say? Its been nearly a year now since we brought LO home. Its been a very trying time. We have emotional ups and down. In short it has been very hard work. Much harder than we expected. At first this was down to adjustments. We were adjusting to having two kids in … Continue reading Adoption Update

Spring in my Step

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.” Spring in my Step By Scott Bailey © 2015 Rusty Is the spring in my step Lost its purpose Lacking oil And energy Waiting Coiled Will it bounce again? One can hope OK. So not quite what the prompt asked for but its what … Continue reading Spring in my Step


Intentions By Scott Bailey © 2015 “It was just a bit of fun” To the broken hearts and home “I meant no offence” To the victims of riot and guns “I was just following my dreams” To the crushing weight of debt “I will never do it again” To the frightened wife and child “I … Continue reading Intentions