The Sea Seeds Ideas

I read an article the other day (I really should bookmark them as I can’t find it now!) that was about a new Stephen King book due out. It’s a collection of short stories – nothing unusual there. The difference is that he is putting a substantial introduction to each one, about where he was … Continue reading The Sea Seeds Ideas

Another Arrival!

This is another reason I have been quiet on the blog for a while! Book number two has arrived! This one is not a novel but a collection of poems. All the poems I wrote for my year-long Poem a Day Challenge. So more proofreading and then pressing the button to make it available both … Continue reading Another Arrival!

Mankind Limited Now Available in paperback

Will do a proper announcement soon when all the other bits and pieces are in place. In the meantime – after reviewing my proof copy I discovered one little type – grrrrrr! I also realised that due to the way the fonts were changed all the page numbers had shifted and were wrong. However all … Continue reading Mankind Limited Now Available in paperback

A sunny and refreshing weekend

We had a lovely relaxing time this weekend. Saturday was courtesy of one of Alexander’s school friends birthday party held at a local farm attraction – which included a playground and a miniature train. Perfect! We could sit back and let them have fun. Sunday was a combination of a walk along the coast and … Continue reading A sunny and refreshing weekend