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The Sea Seeds Ideas

I read an article the other day (I really should bookmark them as I can't find it now!) that was about a new Stephen King book due out. It's a collection of short stories - nothing unusual there. The difference is that he is putting a substantial introduction to each one, about where he was… Continue reading The Sea Seeds Ideas

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Another Arrival!

This is another reason I have been quiet on the blog for a while! Book number two has arrived! This one is not a novel but a collection of poems. All the poems I wrote for my year-long Poem a Day Challenge. So more proofreading and then pressing the button to make it available both… Continue reading Another Arrival!

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Exciting Times

Just been informed that there is an exciting package waiting for me at home! Can't wait!!!  

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A sunny and refreshing weekend

We had a lovely relaxing time this weekend. Saturday was courtesy of one of Alexander's school friends birthday party held at a local farm attraction - which included a playground and a miniature train. Perfect! We could sit back and let them have fun. Sunday was a combination of a walk along the coast and… Continue reading A sunny and refreshing weekend

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New Blurb for my Novel

So as part of my imminent relaunch of my novel I have updated the blurb - I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. I get quite a few clicks on the Amazon link but not many sales. As it stands the blurb is fairly sparse so this new one tries to address that without getting… Continue reading New Blurb for my Novel

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Thank you!

First of all - many thanks for all the birthday wishes - this is for my friends and family reading this via Facebook. I haven't had the time to respond. It has been a very very stressful week at work with all kinds of stuff going on from resignations to shareholder meetings to urgent product… Continue reading Thank you!

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A few days off

Having finished National Poetry Writing Month and it being a bank holiday weekend I decided to take a few days off from blogging. And boy does it show. Stats have dropped to zilch, nada, a big fat zero. But hey - it's not about the stats - however much I obsess over them. Honest. I… Continue reading A few days off