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Maths, maths, maths!

Today I have wrestled with weighted linear regression, multiplying and inversing matrices and trying to convert an extremely complex excel spreadsheet full of formulae I had never seen before in my life into a PHP function!

So that was fun!

Still I am not as bad as this guy.

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By Scott Bailey © 2015

Seafarer wandering over the waves
Fine hair glistening with rime
Roaming and riding forgetful tides
Living away from life
But living


A man
Along forgotten paths
Following the ancient ways
Expanding his mind in ancient ways
Speaking to the earth and the animal guides
Silent ghosts that leave his heart silent and unanswered

Leather like tanned skin, wrinkled with experience of a life lived hard and loved harder, dedicated
waning in strength
yet filled with
fire and

Where are you now

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Blues Bars

By Scott Bailey © 2015


It sits right down
Sits all the way down
Then flies above the clouds
Soars high above the clouds
And I
I can’t get there
Can’t weave that
Magic weave

The harmony of the heart
The harmony of dreams and thought
With the making in the world
The making of the day
I crave
Crave that path
Sweet blue path
Of blues bars


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The Lord of the Trees

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fourth Wall.”

OK so not my favourite film but this was inspired by my favourite TV show growing up.

By Scott Bailey © 2006

I am Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Trees,
and you are a leaf blown on the breeze.
Echoes and whispers inside your head,
set you on the path you were destined to tread.

Head of a wolf, eye of a hawk,
in the forest the hooded man shall walk.
A man of balance not of gold,
Is it demon or god to whom you are sold ?

So string the bow and take up the sword,
Do my bidding and carry my word.
For you are my son Robin in the Hood.
You are the king of all Sherwood.

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Over the Top

By Scott Bailey © 2006



The general’s orders are loud
Over the shattering shells
Through the mustard gas cloud
The general’s orders are loud
For privates timid and proud
We hear the tolling of bells
The general’s orders are loud
Over the shattering shells

And over the top once again
We face the thundering guns
We climb from our miry den
And over the top once again
A million war weary men
All scared but nobody runs
And over the top once again
We face the thundering guns

They stand at the station and wait
For their heroes and lovers’ return
While praying they will not be late
They stand at the station and wait
With their hearts in a fluttering state
For news they are longing to learn
They stand at the station and wait
For their heroes and lovers’ return

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Another old one retitled and reposted

By Scott Bailey © 2006

I sit upon my bed alone.
Thinking thoughts of you.
My heart sinks slowly like a stone.
In a pool so blue.

The pain grows greater every day.
Need I make that cut?
Alas, it is the only way.
All other doors are shut.

So take the knife and cut me deep.
I know it must done.
Though this pain will make me weep.
Relief will soon be won.

So now at last I say goodbye.
I need you now no more.
You must believe me, I did try.
My efforts though, were poor.

We could no longer stay as one.
So you were cut away.
It was the only thing to be done.
To take the pain away.

Farewell, my dear appendix.

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Scrabble Limerick

An old one as I have been so quiet lately

By Scott Bailey © 2006

A Zen Buddhist Byzantium Queen
Played saxophone sexy and mean
She just blew jolly jazz,
with buzz and pizzazz
In a jacuzzi with Lizzy and Jean

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Quiet but not forgotten

I am busy working on my short story challenge

1st draft or story one 95% done.  Watch this space.

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Short Story Challenge

Looking at my author page there is one gaping hole. There are no short stories.

I have written quite a few in the past but it was some time ago and they need some editing and polishing before I put together a collection. In the meantime I have decided I need to start writing some new ones.

Short stories are the form I find most challenging – and that I most want to get a grip on.

So I have decided to set myself a challenge and give myself a proverbial boot up the jacksy!

I recently joined a local online writing community and one of the members posted a list of genres – which he is trying to write a story for each. I have appropriated that list but extended it terms a bit. To each genre I have added a constraint – that will make the writing harder but hopefully spark a better creation. So for example one of the options is an action story. So my constraint for that one is to set it in a confined space.

I am posting this list here and will post links to the relevant stories if and when I write them – and its a big if one this one.

But I also thought others might like to take up the challenge. If you do I am happy to post links to your resulting works of art here beneath each section.

I am going to try to work through in the order posted but that’s optional and if I get inspired I may skip to a particular one.

Here is the list

  • Action – set in a confined space
  • Comedy – about an act of terrorism
  • Crime – Set in a police station with CCTV watching
  • Erotica – set in an un-erotic place – such as a sewer
  • Espionage – set in either MI5 headquarters or a cell
  • Fantasy – Set in a shopping centre
  • Historical – Set in the future
  • Horror – A children’s story
  • Noir – based around colours
  • Political – In a hippy commune
  • Post-Apocalypse – In a book club
  • Romance – In a divorce court
  • Sci-Fi – In neolithic times
  • Space Opera – From a droids POV
  • Superhero – In medieval times
  • Thriller – In a Cricket or bowls match
  • Western – From Native American POV
  • Whodunnit – With no apparent crime

Let’s see what happens.

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The Night

The Night

By Scott Bailey © 2015


The music of the night!
The night of the wolves calling
The calling of the blood
The bloody business of mine
My feasting time



Following a Hearse

Weirdly – I got caught up behind another one today – then as I sat eating lunch in a local eatery another went by – complete with a woman in black and a top hat walking slowly in front of the car. Don’t see that very often these days.

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Following a Hearse

By Scott Bailey © 2015

The traffic slowed
We were all following a hearse
In respectful frustration
I took the time
To look around
At the rivers and fields
That normally
Speed by
We are all following a hearse

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Following a Hearse

Following a Hearse

By Scott Bailey © 2015


The traffic slowed
We were all following a hearse
In respectful frustration
I took the time
To look around
At the rivers and fields
That normally
Speed by
We are all following a hearse


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Not Safe for Driving

We have all seen the acronym NSFW – Not Safe for Work.  We see it on email attachments or shared links telling us the content is either raunchy or offensive (or possibly both) and if opened up at work could result is disciplinary action – which is ironic as that could well be what it contains.

It is also somewhat frustrating as if you are at work you can’t open but really want to know what it is!

Anyway – I think there should be a new one applied to music. Not Safe for Driving.

The other day I had my music on in the car on shuffle. I have a rather eclectic collection so it was jumping from Gorillaz to Enya to Elbow and Adam Ant. Then it settled on The William Tell Overture.

You just can’t help pressing down harder on the metal when you hear something like that.


Not safe – but fun!

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New Reader – no Readers!

The new reader? Well I have to admit – I quite like it.

It looks very clean and modern. I don’t like all the changes WordPress have made lately but I like this one.

However – has it got anything to do with the fact that no-one is reading my blog today!

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Meet the Characters – William

Mankind Limited


William considers himself the only true revolutionary there has been. Living a life of utter destitution below the city, he leads a community of people the rest of the world sees as outcasts and losers.

His is the long game. He know’s the aim, he knows what he is fighting for.

He also know that he will probably never see the results in his lifetime.

So when the chance to act, the chance to make a difference presents itself will he forget his principles and give up his long-term plan, or stay resolute to his goal?

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The Triumph of the Subconscious

A while ago – and again I have lost any links or references to it – I saw a documentary on how the subconscious can take over and solve tricky problems for you. I think it was a BBC Horizon episode but could be wrong.

It described how many great thinkers often had similar habits – like going for a walk at midday, after which the ideas would come. For many years this was attributed to perhaps the health benefits of such activities, the increase in endorphins perhaps vitalizing the brain. Perhaps that is a part of it.

Recent research has shown though that certain parts of the brain that are normally dormant start to become active under these sorts of circumstances. When someone has been struggling with a problem or a puzzle and then their thoughts are diverted onto something else – something simpler and less taxing on the mind.

Its seem that while your conscious brain is trying to solve a problem your subconscious can’t or won’t go near it. Leave the problem alone and it gets it grubby hands on it. And unhindered by all the distractions thrown at the conscious mind does a better job if it.

Anyway – it seems like something I kind of knew at some level but had never vocalised or thought about in concrete terms. After watching the program though I began to see it happening more and more – or maybe I am now biased to see that!

Today was a prime example. All last week I have been struggling with a problem at work – I won’t bore you with details, it involved a very very complex SQL query that worked fine in one situation but not in another – with no logical answer. I had tried all kinds of solutions and approaches all week with no success. To be fair to myself there was an awful lot else going on as well so I was not 100% focused on it. But if I had been I don’t think it would have made a difference. I was kind of blocked from the answer.

So this weekend I forgot all about it and spend some quality time with the wife and kids. It was Rachel’s birthday and since I have spent so much extra time at work lately I was determined not to do any this weekend.

I went to bed Sunday night – not with dread but knowing that my task for Monday was to hunker and down and crack this particular nut. I woke up Monday morning and the answer – which should have been obvious – in my head. It just popped in there.

I rushed to work eager to try it out, now dreading the possibility that it might not work. It did! That is a good start to the week!

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Meet the Characters – Richard

Mankind Limited


Richard burns. He burns with a fury that is too bright for him to look at. He fights the system in whatever inventive ways he can concoct.

He never asks why he fights or what his ultimate goal is. He just needs the fight.

So defeat almost crushes him, forces him to ask himself questions he has been afraid to ask all his life.

Can he survive the answers?

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Meet the Characters – Jane

Mankind Limited


Jane is a rebel. Of sorts. She engages in rebellious activity and she is good at it. If anyone had tracked her exploits they might say she was a genius. Because that was correct no one had ever tracked her.

But the truth was that so far in her life she had been a follower not a rebel. She had followed her brother into rebellion and lent her genius to his to fight whatever foe he chose next.

She knew nothing else. It had been her life. And she did not realise that her heart was not in it. Not until the right catalyst lights up her passion and her anger. Then her genius is given the chance to really shine.

Yet will she rise to the challenge?

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Meet the Characters – Marc

Mankind Limited


Marc is a model citizen, devoted to the ideals of modern society. Moderately successful in his career, climbing the ladder with a beautiful partner by his side.

So why is he plagued by nightmares? Why is he so disaffected? What is the truth that he can feel trying to poke its way through the noise of his everyday thoughts?

And where will it lead if he finally listens to that truth?

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Quick Update

My Author page has had a few updates if anyone is interested. Feedback is welcome as always – it’s not finished but getting there.

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Dimming Lights

Dimming Lights

By Scott Bailey © 2015


Lights in grey matter
Never reaching the day
Plans uncommitted
As the chance ebbs away

A refugee wanderer
In dream worlds and clouds
Where sparks can be realised
And escape from the crowds

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By Scott Bailey © 2015

A soul full
Of tear-stained dream
As substantial
As vapour
At the mercy
Of whispering winds

A storm approaches

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Homecoming (Tyburn)

Homecoming (Tyburn)

By Scott Bailey © 2015

Majestic wings spread like thunder clouds
The dragon has come home to his realm

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The Marketing Machine Begins to Roll

Trying an experiment – spent a small amount of dough on boosting my Facebook page. Just to see how it goes and whether its worth it.

I have updated the description a bit as well:

Trapped. In a world where everything is measured and control pervades every area of life, four people begin to break down. Instead they break through the walls of deceit and propaganda and into a world of revolution. Each, in their way, vow to overthrow the established order. They embark on a journey against the forces arraigned against them, forces of state and self doubt. Ultimately their paths converge on a dangerous road and the discovery of an ancient secret.

“An exploration of revolution, rebellion the consideration (or lack of it) about what comes next. A look at the real methods that modern society is kept divided and compliant – and a way out of it.”

Will endeavour to expand my author website a bit as well soon.

But must remember to find some time to write as well 🙂

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The Tip of the Flame

By Scott Bailey © 2015


The glint in the dark
From the deep of the cave
The the thirst that draws
The primitive out

Out from the dark
Out from the safe
Into the harsh
Changes of life

Leaping from age to age
The fire that burns inside
Connecting us over time
To the fires that have passed

Every ancestor who held it
Was a winner in their life
Success upon success
And you are the tip of that peak