Rising Rain

By Scott Bailey © 2015

Amorous arousal
Caressed cheeks

New Desktop!

My slightly more organised shiny new desk setup!

wpid-20150930_173849.jpgIf only I had this at home – writing would be much more pleasurable 🙂

Facebook down – try a book

While Facebook is down try reading – here’s a book you might like.




Trapped. In a world where everything is measured and control pervades every area of life, four people begin to break down. Instead they break through the walls of deceit and propaganda and into a world of revolution.

Each, in their way, vow to overthrow the established order. They embark on a journey against the forces arraigned against them, forces of state and self-doubt.

Ultimately their paths converge on a dangerous road and the discovery of an ancient secret.

Read an excerpt here.

Available as


or hardback

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Scott Bailey is a freelance writer, author and blogger. His works include the dystopian novel “Mankind Limited” and “A Spring of Dreams” collection of poetry. His blogging ranges across family articles, poetry and short stories and even the odd book or movie review.  

Night Out

So I had a very very rare night out this Saturday night.

An old friend contacted me to meet up and we had both been meaning to go and try the new micro pub another mutual friend had opened up.

It was a very good night. We had a nice catch up and chat and nice beer (Sessions Pale Ale for those who might be interested).

But what happened after was a bit odd. I walked my friend up to the train station. She caught the train and I walked back down the hight street to catch a bus. Bit I had a bit of time so I thought I might pop in for another pint somewhere.

That’s when I realised that I was on my own – the place was deserted.

It was Saturday night – where were the revellers, the drunks, the arguing couples, that you traditionally had to weave your way through after a night out?

I walked all the way down the high street and the only two people I saw were an elderly couple walking a dog!

When I got to the bottom of the town there was a police incident van but I have no idea what the incident could have been, there was nobody else there! Perhaps they were investigating the disappearance of a whole town?

I even had the bus to myself on the way back.

Bloody youth of today, tucked up at home being sensible and not drinking on a Saturday night. World is going to heaven in a hand cart.

A politician who get us.

He has got a lot of flack from the frankly biased media since he became leader of the labour party. Not singing the National Anthem, missing media appearances and the latest, not going to the Rugby world cup.

He, Jeremy Corbyn, was apparently at his office listening to his people.

He cared more about doing the job than  a photo opportunity.

This is a politician who is more. More than a sound byte. More than a press release. He cares more about the job than his image.

That’s a breath of fresh air.

I don’t agree with all his policies – I would doubt anyone who agrees 100% with anyone else – everyone should be questioned – especially those who want to lead. I agree with more of his policies than any other politician.

The others, all those vapid empty vessels of media spin and glamour and afraid and so they should be. They are so far disconnected from the real world in their élite bubble that their only view of it is through the filter of their media advisers.

Jeremy Corbyn gets us. He gets the people.

Something we haven’t seen in a politician for a very long time

A quick post

To test whether I am now posting to my Facebook author page.

Move along – nothing to see here….

Oh OK then

Try this……

Only Us

By Scott Bailey © 2014  


We don’t understand
The fight between them and us
There is only us

Writing Dearth

Just haven’t had the time and when I have I have been too tired!

Tonight looks like vegging out in front of the tv. I am counting that as fertilising the brain 🙂

But I am starting to research better ways to market my books. If anyone has any tips….

I think the create space experiment has so far not worked – not a single copy sold! But a few more Kindle copies. So I think I will concentrate on the Kindle side of things.

One Thousand

By Scott Bailey © 2015


One thousand obstacles

In between


And what I want to be doing

One thousand  problems

In between


And who I want to be

One thousand sorrows

In between

The world we have

And peace

Another quiet week

Last week I was on holiday, this week I was quite ill and although I ploughed on by working from home, that took everything out of me.

So its been a very quiet couple of weeks. I need to kickstart some writing again.

Having a dilemma where to go next. I need to put more effort into marketing me existing books, and at the same time get something new out there to round out what I have. This will probably be short stories.

My dilemma is whether to try to some new ones – which is what I really want to do, or edit a very old collection I already have. The latter will result in getting something out there quicker.

First I need to get back to better health.


By Scott Bailey © 2015

They will realise
That their spin
Their media hype
Is failing
One has come
To threaten
Their way of life
Not ours
As the spin machines spews
But theirs
Their way of life
Of easy deception and greed
Of spinning tales of woe
Cutting and taxing
While smirking with contempt
And lining their pockets
With our aid
Let’s see
What happens
When they realise
The spin
No longer works

Exactly 6 years ago today! (via timehop.com)


Article: British man comes up with brilliant ploy for getting revenge on spammers

British man comes up with brilliant ploy for getting revenge on spammers


Another Sale!

Another copy of A Spring of Dreams sold! It’s no #52 in its section! Spread the word get me to number 1 🙂




By Scott Bailey  © 2015

A drowned boy
Drawn from the sea
Fled from death to death
Burns in our minds
Burns in our hearts
Fans the flames of passion
Just before
The call to war

Author Page Growing

After a concerted effort – my Facebook page has exceeded 1000 likes.

Now if I could just turn those likes into sales of book I would be a happier man.

Any hints or pointers welcome.


First Sale

First sale of A Spring of Dreams! Here’s to more I hope.

Wonder if it was some one I know or a stranger.