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Rising Rain

By Scott Bailey © 2015

Amorous arousal
Caressed cheeks

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New Desktop!

My slightly more organised shiny new desk setup!

wpid-20150930_173849.jpgIf only I had this at home – writing would be much more pleasurable 🙂


Poem a day challenge #130 (Formation)

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author


By Scott Bailey © 2013

A single mote
of stardust
sparkles bright
in endless black
No goal,
no direction
for time
that feels
Cold, cold

And then
Attracted to another
Bright shining mote
Joined together
Bound in twisting dance
round and round
and down
What seems forever
never apart

The other comes
with more attachments
gathering around
A family, a clan
a get together that has no end
a bouncy, rowdy party
as things heat up

And the happening attracts more
and the numbers swell
the dances speed and the steps
multiply with complexity
The place is hotting up
as events coalesce

Then the point of no return
This is the place to be
the single mote has pulled
more that could be dreamed
and the crowds rush in and in
and down
the crowds become a crush
And the heat gives…

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Facebook down – try a book

While Facebook is down try reading – here’s a book you might like.




Trapped. In a world where everything is measured and control pervades every area of life, four people begin to break down. Instead they break through the walls of deceit and propaganda and into a world of revolution.

Each, in their way, vow to overthrow the established order. They embark on a journey against the forces arraigned against them, forces of state and self-doubt.

Ultimately their paths converge on a dangerous road and the discovery of an ancient secret.

Read an excerpt here.

Available as


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Scott Bailey is a freelance writer, author and blogger. His works include the dystopian novel “Mankind Limited” and “A Spring of Dreams” collection of poetry. His blogging ranges across family articles, poetry and short stories and even the odd book or movie review.  


Taunting Thunder

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Taunting Thunder

By Scott Bailey © 2015

Taunting thunder
Bring on the storm
Rail against the rain
Scream at the sea’s form

But the storm rages on
The rain lashes skin
The sea eats the land
And sweeps on in

Still and steadfastly
Stands the ancient oak
Stretched beneath the sun
Or a frosty cloak

Weathers every storm
Watching briefer lives
Rushing by at work
Like bees in hives

Yet even this strong trunk
Well one day bend and break
As time drinks strength
A thirst it cannot slake

So rail on against the rain
Rage against the storm
Swim against the tide
While blood still runs warm

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Night Out

So I had a very very rare night out this Saturday night.

An old friend contacted me to meet up and we had both been meaning to go and try the new micro pub another mutual friend had opened up.

It was a very good night. We had a nice catch up and chat and nice beer (Sessions Pale Ale for those who might be interested).

But what happened after was a bit odd. I walked my friend up to the train station. She caught the train and I walked back down the hight street to catch a bus. Bit I had a bit of time so I thought I might pop in for another pint somewhere.

That’s when I realised that I was on my own – the place was deserted.

It was Saturday night – where were the revellers, the drunks, the arguing couples, that you traditionally had to weave your way through after a night out?

I walked all the way down the high street and the only two people I saw were an elderly couple walking a dog!

When I got to the bottom of the town there was a police incident van but I have no idea what the incident could have been, there was nobody else there! Perhaps they were investigating the disappearance of a whole town?

I even had the bus to myself on the way back.

Bloody youth of today, tucked up at home being sensible and not drinking on a Saturday night. World is going to heaven in a hand cart.



Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

By Scott Bailey © 2015

Seafarer wandering over the waves
Fine hair glistening with rime
Roaming and riding forgetful tides
Living away from life
But living

A man
Along forgotten paths
Following the ancient ways
Expanding his mind in ancient ways
Speaking to the earth and the animal guides
Silent ghosts that leave his heart silent and unanswered

Leather like tanned skin, wrinkled with experience of a life lived hard and loved harder, dedicated
waning in strength
yet filled with
fire and

Where are you now

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Poem a day challenge #117 (Galaxy)

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Galaxy (A Nonet)

By Scott Bailey © 2013


Black hole quasar NASA Black hole quasar NASA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Swirling, whirling milky clouds of stars
Spiralling down to the black hole
Supermassive hungry dark
Swallowing all it can
Axle of the wheel
Sparkling star arms
Shining cloud
Holds our


Get the previous ones here  and get my début novel Mankind Limited

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It Is Rain

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

It Is Rain

By Scott Bailey © 2015

It is rain
All the pain
And grief

All the pain
Of everyday
It is rain

Of everyday
We are plagued

But it is rain
Just rain
Falling down

Rain makes us
Wet and cold
Dampens us

If we choose
Rain is heavy

The sun will come
Summer reborn
From spring

Rain is life

No misery
Be wet not damp
Be soaked

Revel in the rain
Dance and sing
In life

All the pain
The grief
The stress

It is rain
Just rain

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A politician who get us.

He has got a lot of flack from the frankly biased media since he became leader of the labour party. Not singing the National Anthem, missing media appearances and the latest, not going to the Rugby world cup.

He, Jeremy Corbyn, was apparently at his office listening to his people.

He cared more about doing the job than  a photo opportunity.

This is a politician who is more. More than a sound byte. More than a press release. He cares more about the job than his image.

That’s a breath of fresh air.

I don’t agree with all his policies – I would doubt anyone who agrees 100% with anyone else – everyone should be questioned – especially those who want to lead. I agree with more of his policies than any other politician.

The others, all those vapid empty vessels of media spin and glamour and afraid and so they should be. They are so far disconnected from the real world in their élite bubble that their only view of it is through the filter of their media advisers.

Jeremy Corbyn gets us. He gets the people.

Something we haven’t seen in a politician for a very long time


Where the Red Fox Roams

and to finish

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Where the Red Fox Roams

By Scott Bailey © 2014

The timid beasties scatter
With tiny racing hearts
The scent of blood approaches
The herd all ways it parts
For here
The red fox roams

The scent of fear it rises
And fans the fox’s fire
Into enslaving passion
To raise the killer higher
The red fox roams

Filled with hate and ire of
Where the white wolves dance
The dance the fox desires
Denied its golden chance
The red fox roams

The world has grown accustomed
To fear of tooth and claw
The world has grown so weary
Of lives lived short and raw
The red fox roams

The timid beasties scatter
Will never make a stand
They’ll not accept the secret
To gain the upper hand
So proud
The red fox roams

No one knows the course
Where the fox’s road is heading
All they…

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Where the Grey Wolves Grieve

Continuing the theme 🙂

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Where the Grey Wolves Grieve

By Scott Bailey © 2014

On a barren plain
Where food and joy are sparse
The desolate packs wander
Watching slow time pass
The grey wolves grieve
With rose stained eyes
Patrolling their border wide
Preserving what is left
Of what they hold inside
It’s why
The grey wolves grieve
They gaze across the delta
To far off distant times
Where game and ease were plenty
Than in these austere climes
And so
The grey wolves grieve
Disgusted by the carnage
Where the red fox roams
On guard for rebel spirits
Keeping safe their homes
The grey wolves grieve
Yet what they seek in earnest
Deep within their hearts
They know is far beyond them
Beyond their stilted arts
The grey wolves grieve
The packs struggle onwards
Huddled in their gloom
Their hearts so full of anguish
For hope there is no…

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Where the Dark Wolf Dreams

To follow up from yesterday

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Where the Dark Wolf Dreams

By Scott Bailey © 2014

A deep and dark filled cave
Upon a mountain high
Where no light dares enter
And no echo finds reply
The dark wolf dreams

A rumble from within
Deep in the dark wolves throat
The echo of the growl
The terrifying note
The dark wolf dreams

Strong appear the chains
That bind him in his sleep
But stronger still the anger
That grows within him deep
The dark wolf dreams

Bitter is the dark wolf’s heart
Long his memory too
Some will be spared his wrath
But they are counted few
The dark wolf dreams

Terrible his waking hours
Thus the grey wolves grieve
Any heart with secrets dark
Had better rise and leave
The dark wolf dreams

So do not be deceived
By the mumbling and the snoring
Born of rage and constriction

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A quick post

To test whether I am now posting to my Facebook author page.

Move along – nothing to see here….

Oh OK then

Try this……

Only Us

By Scott Bailey © 2014  


We don’t understand
The fight between them and us
There is only us

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Where the White Wolves Dance

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Where the White Wolves Dance

By Scott Bailey © 2014

A ring of solid light
Hovers just above the ground
Spinning with infinity
Casts glamour all around
This is
Where the white wolves dance

It is said the be the child
Of the seed of forbidden fruit
Born from secret knowledge
Found on a hidden a hidden route
Around it
The white wolves still dance

The colour pulses wild
Blue, silver and pure white
Dragging hearts round and round
Beneath the starlit night
And so
On the white wolves dance

In a time-worn trench they dance
Circling below the light
So deep the light they cannot see
The circle is out of sight
Yet still
On the white wolves dance

The circle has been burnt
Into their very eyes
So while the dark wolf dreams
And while the dear time flies
The white wolves dance.

So high upon their…

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Writing Dearth

Just haven’t had the time and when I have I have been too tired!

Tonight looks like vegging out in front of the tv. I am counting that as fertilising the brain 🙂

But I am starting to research better ways to market my books. If anyone has any tips….

I think the create space experiment has so far not worked – not a single copy sold! But a few more Kindle copies. So I think I will concentrate on the Kindle side of things.

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One Thousand

By Scott Bailey © 2015


One thousand obstacles

In between


And what I want to be doing

One thousand  problems

In between


And who I want to be

One thousand sorrows

In between

The world we have

And peace

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Another quiet week

Last week I was on holiday, this week I was quite ill and although I ploughed on by working from home, that took everything out of me.

So its been a very quiet couple of weeks. I need to kickstart some writing again.

Having a dilemma where to go next. I need to put more effort into marketing me existing books, and at the same time get something new out there to round out what I have. This will probably be short stories.

My dilemma is whether to try to some new ones – which is what I really want to do, or edit a very old collection I already have. The latter will result in getting something out there quicker.

First I need to get back to better health.

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By Scott Bailey © 2015

They will realise
That their spin
Their media hype
Is failing
One has come
To threaten
Their way of life
Not ours
As the spin machines spews
But theirs
Their way of life
Of easy deception and greed
Of spinning tales of woe
Cutting and taxing
While smirking with contempt
And lining their pockets
With our aid
Let’s see
What happens
When they realise
The spin
No longer works


Exactly 6 years ago today! (via


Article: British man comes up with brilliant ploy for getting revenge on spammers

British man comes up with brilliant ploy for getting revenge on spammers

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Another Sale!

Another copy of A Spring of Dreams sold! It’s no #52 in its section! Spread the word get me to number 1 🙂





Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

By Scott Bailey  © 2015

A drowned boy
Drawn from the sea
Fled from death to death
Burns in our minds
Burns in our hearts
Fans the flames of passion
Just before
The call to war

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By Scott Bailey  © 2015

A drowned boy
Drawn from the sea
Fled from death to death
Burns in our minds
Burns in our hearts
Fans the flames of passion
Just before
The call to war


Capitalist Control

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Brave New World  (Aldous Huxley)  shows us almost perfect social control by programming people at birth – even before birth. People as used like cattle unaware and caring for nothing.

1984 (George Orwell). The people are fully aware of the hell they are in and the control the state has over them – they are kept in line by fear.

Mankind Limited (Scott Bailey)  shows capitalism being used as the prefect tool of social control keeping the cattle both happy and unaware.

Until a few people start to see the cracks.


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Poem a Day Challenge #34 (Cross – Senryu version)

Here is the Senryu version of the topical poem I posted the other day.

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Today I was made aware of the poetic form of the Senryu and what distinguishes it from a Haiku. I was not aware of this and so my past attempts were probably hybrids in many cases.

If you are interested in the difference there is a good page here explaining it.

I was made aware of it by these posts.

Joy and Sorrow



Over at the blog ofBastet and Sekhmet

So here is my first attempt – which is yesterday’s poem distilled into this form.

Senryu: Cross

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Fleeing from killers
The child runs desperately
To fill out a form.

Get the previous ones here

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Author Page Growing

After a concerted effort – my Facebook page has exceeded 1000 likes.

Now if I could just turn those likes into sales of book I would be a happier man.

Any hints or pointers welcome.


Poem a Day Challenge #33 (Cross)

This old one seems appropriate at the moment

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author


By Scott Bailey © 2000

Rapists come and go
like bills
grit your teeth
bear it

Carry a dagger
no guarantee
a talisman
a cross

Hide in the woods
crunching leaves
beneath them
a thousand bones

Click, click
Bang, bang
You make it a film!
a song.
a hero’s theme

Click, click
Bang, bang
My mother didn’t pay
didn’t bear her cross
didn’t carry her cross
now lays beneath hers

My best suit
stained by the passing
the violent end
of my daughter
in my arms

Now you tell me
in your yellow coat
shining stripe
proud nation
Go back whence you came!

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First Sale

First sale of A Spring of Dreams! Here’s to more I hope.

Wonder if it was some one I know or a stranger.