Whisky and West Wing

By Scott Bailey © 2016   All around me The walls of my life Are tumbling down In slow mo I am watching In slow mo Wondering if I will survive Console myself with a Whisky and West Wing Here it comes The bluster and lies Sugar coated Mustard Wonder which Turning was wrong All those choices … Continue reading Whisky and West Wing

Self Publishing – the Downside

I love the whole self-publishing world. I have embraced and become a part of it. It has given me and many more like me a voice in the world. It has allowed us to bypass the gatekeepers at the submissions desk and reach an audience – however small. However, there is a downside. Not a … Continue reading Self Publishing – the Downside

NaPoWriMo Day #7

Originally posted on Scott Andrew Bailey:
I am repeating yesterday’s prompt with a different interpretation. As It my son’s birthday and I will probably not be on the computer at all. So this was written in advance 🙂 Aubade Two By Scott Bailey © 2015 ? Dawn sneaks over the hills Light spills through the vales And…