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The Future is…


So this is how I see things unfolding now.

We need to extricate ourselves from the EU. That means negotiating trade deals, making new laws – you know the ones to replace the draconian laws that the EU apparently imposed on us, working out border controls etc. etc.

Who is going to pay for that? The government – out of the goodness of their hearts? A levy on big business?

Or you and me?

The latter of course – the poor and those who can afford at least. It will trigger more cuts to budgets – more benefits cuts, more council cuts, higher taxes. In other words more austerity.

So who is going to work all the new rules and laws and controls?

Queue lots of companies that will be hired to do it on behalf of the government. Companies who are headed by the friends of Farage and Gove and even Cameron. (He might be vilified by us but he will be a hero of the establishment who has just taken one for the team.)

So we will pay and pay and struggle and while the minority will pocket all the cash.

Of course, the media will be all over that. The papers will be filled with all scandal of the rich who are benefiting from the corruption. We will be fuelled to outrage – we will wag our fingers, write letters of protest (or blog posts) and clench our fists.

Meanwhile – as we are diverted – the NHS will be quietly privatised and the TTIP signed.

The entire episode reeks of manipulating the masses for personal wealth with no regard to the general public.


Scott Bailey is an author and blogger. His works include the dystopian novel “Mankind Limited”, "Thirteen Tales" – a collection of Ghost Stories and “A Spring of Dreams” collection of poetry, plus his latest work, a collection of epic poems - Andervayne's Dream. His blogging ranges across family articles, poetry and short stories and even the odd book or movie review.

3 thoughts on “The Future is…

  1. Well expressed Scott, what baffles me is the reluctance of the electorate to ask politicians questions and demanding the truth. I always thought people in democratic nation like here would not be afraid to ask instead people just buy into the half truths politicians seem to churn out every time there is an election of some sort. You and I know that government does not have money they depend on tax payers to provide the resources of running the government.
    It was clear by the events of this week that politicians get into government for their own benefit but they make us believe and continue to be it is for our own good but is it? Speaking from experience being a native of a country where government has continually failed the people for the past 36 years but we continue to conned by the people we voted to govern us. We may never know in the meantime we continue to be faithful and pay taxes. Thank you for your thoughts.


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