Poem a Day Challenge #24 (Lantern)

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author


By Scott Bailey © 2013

Old light from the past
Is still illumination
Wisdom echoes far

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Poem a Day Challenge #23 (Rested Wheel)

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Rested Wheel

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Why aren’t we railing?
Why aren’t we mad?
Why do we sit in silence?
In apathy so sad.

Is the sickle blunted?
The hammer dropped and cracked?
Has the guillotine lost its edge?
Has liberty backtracked?​

The peasants have moved on
From field to factory to desk.
Is it beautiful progress
Or captivity grotesque

So day after day
after day after day.
We struggle and toil
No time to play.

We hand over our freedom
We hand over our cash.
While the fat cats sleep
on their growing stash.

Where is the spirit of liberty?
The hero in the square?
The lone horse trodden woman.
Defanged are those who care.

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Poem a Day Challenge #22 (Sighs Matter)

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

Sighs Matter

by Scott Bailey © 2013

Silk sliding
Fingertips brushing

Warm breath

Lips shining
Eyes widening

Moist close
Pulsing closer

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Poem a Day Challenge #21 (Taxing)

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author


By Scott Bailey © 2013

They didn’t know.
Or didn’t care.
That corporate giants
Weren’t paying their share.

If they didn’t know.
Incompetence screams.
If they didn’t care
Corruption streams.

Next month. Something else.
To make us all forget.
How many times do we take this?
Is their more give in us yet?

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Poem a Day Challenge #20 (Exist)


By Scott Bailey © 1999

If I
Cease to exist
Will my
heart and soul dissolve in the air?
If I
Breathe my last breath
Will my
Golden thoughts shine anywhere?
If I
unbind from this earth
Sail the sun
right out to the stars.
Will I
Find my way back?
Roam forever that celestial park?If I
Cease to exist
Will my
Precious dreams chase after my soul?
If I
breathe my last breath
Will my
Endless hopes continue to roll?
If I
Fly up from the earth
Spiral up to the bright dancing stars
Will I
Find my way back
Make my home where galaxies are?

Hard to exist
Back to back to the hammer of flesh.
Gasping for breath
Tried escape from this strangling mesh.
Tied hard to the earth
Brought to ground by invisible hands.
If I
Find my way back
Will I
Find my house fallen in sands?

Shout to exist
Drink the sun and swallow the air!
Savour the breath
Turn the corner and take up the dare!
Stand firm on the earth
Walk the roads under the stars.
We’ll find our way back
While our dreams fly where galaxies are.

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By Scott Bailey © 2016

Sleek and seductive
A scent that teases and tempts
The fried egg sizzles


In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #108 Sizzle&Sleek

#Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

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What a Week

It’s been a hell of a week – hence a quiet one on here for me.

My wife went to a very emotional funeral to send off her Uncle. While My parents got to see the granddaughter they haven’t seen for nearly 10 years!

My wife also had an appointment about our youngest’s diagnosis of Autism. While I had excruciating physio on my frozen shoulder.

On top of that, server problems of the worst kind meant that I was working well beyond midnight for half the week.

The result being I have had very little time this week. No time to write, no time to take advantage and spread the word about the wonderful review I received for my book (see what I did there) – other than retweet all the retweets!

So the stats are down and so my energy levels.

The plus side has been that the kids have spent a lot of time this week with my brothers and their families. And they have enjoyed that a LOT!

I cannot thanks them enough for their support this week and in recent weeks. It has bonded our family even more I think. Even if it did mean Uncle Daniel getting dunked in the swimming pool a lot and being roped into Batman Games all day and Aunty Carol and Aunty Charlie falling in the sea!