Poem a Day Challenge #44 (Onshore)

Onshore By Scott Bailey © 2006 What lies within that deep dark world? That immensity of green threat Where lies the leviathan of doom In that swelling encompassing brine Where plankton swirl through tentacles That writhe and sway and curl and wave And small fish dart discreet? The leviathan’s milky domain! Filled with cries of … Continue reading Poem a Day Challenge #44 (Onshore)

Poem a Day Challenge #43 (Walk of Knives)

Walk of Knives By Scott Bailey © 2013 Our heart leads onwards to our dreams Our mind towards our goals While we wend the road between That cuts our very soles. Today we thanked the man Who tightened up the chains That ties us to our solid home For someone else’s gains If only our hearts and … Continue reading Poem a Day Challenge #43 (Walk of Knives)

Poem a Day Challenge #42 (Always Descending)

Always Descending By Scott Bailey © 2002 Always descending, never ascending. Moving downwards, moving down. I can’t get used to this feeling Moving downwards, moving down. Is it really like this? What are we doing? Do we really want this? Is this the thing to be? The chains that pull the valves and the levers, … Continue reading Poem a Day Challenge #42 (Always Descending)

Poem a Day Challenge #41 (Pool of Dreams)

Pool of Dreams By Scott Bailey © 2013 Long shadows Cast their thoughts behind us Dim our once bright footsteps An unclean window screen But flashes from sudden mirrors Slash though the shadows forms Glimpses of dreams that past us Keeping them alive Though shadows keep on growing We head towards the sun In shade … Continue reading Poem a Day Challenge #41 (Pool of Dreams)

Silver Threadings Review – Mankind Limited

Originally posted on Scott Andrew Bailey:
Scott Bailey skillfully wove a tale of intrigue and suspense with just the right amount of dystopian dread. Bravo! Silver Threading Title:  Mankind Limited Author: Scott Bailey File Size: 958 KB Print Length: 376 pages Publisher: Scott Bailey Publication Date: August 19, 2013 Sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC Language: English ASIN: B00EOA1RW2 Formats: Paperback and Kindle Goodreads Genres: Dystopian,…