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By Scott Bailey © 2016 Rivers carve the land Rocks turn flows: who can resist The river of stone ? In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #112 River&Stone #Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

Poem a day challenge #100 (Reality)

Reality By Scott Bailey © 2013 No reality. That’s what attracts them No history, no baggage Only dreams of the night That’s the attraction of the mistresses, the hookers and the one night stands. No reality. Better to live in real love Than empty dreams http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk

Poem a day challenge #99 (Steely Stress)

Steely Stress By Scott Bailey © 2013 The lights on the corners of the boxes of steel Are giving me a pain in the head Like the fools who drive slowly in the outside lane They are driving but their brains are dead They have a purpose those lights you see And I expect them … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #99 (Steely Stress)

Poem a day challenge #98 (Divine)

Divine By Scott Bailey © 2013 Imagine Me I kill without discrimination for race, for age, for sex or sexuality I take saints and sinners I take your loved ones in return I deal you pain without explanation when asked the answer is that you cannot hope to understand me As a man you would … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #98 (Divine)