Poem a day challenge #110 (Gathering Clouds)

Gathering Clouds By Scott Bailey © 2013 Dark gathering cloud Brooding and beautiful Waiting for the flash of light The spark The piercing blue white crack And the wind The raw whipping wind And the release of rain and the rainbow http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk    

Poem a day challenge #109 (Twentieth Century Taliesin)

Twentieth Century Taliesin By Scott Bailey © 1999 I am the factory wall, despised and so defaced Covered with graffiti, defiled and disgraced. I am the concrete tower that holds up the concrete road Bleak and faceless white, bearing my toxic load. I am the bin on the street, bursting full with waste Where rats … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #109 (Twentieth Century Taliesin)

Poem a day challenge #108 (The Pool)

The Pool By Scott Bailey © 2013 They trickle in The protesters, the bitter, the dispossessed, the poor They swirl in slow currents Exchanging thoughts, views, ideas. An oasis for the outcasts The Man sits by the pool And fishes Taking what he needs Watching the rest The pool holds no threat http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk