Mankind Ltd – What Right?

What right had she to make decisions for other people? What had made her think that those posters were true? How dare she have the courage to break those chains? By Scott Bailey  Read an excerpt here. Available as Kindle or hardback from Amazon or CreateSpace

Poem a day challenge #149 (The King)

The King By Scott Bailey © 2013 The King who was And shall be Stirs restive in his sleep Sword in hand Ready Who will it smite? Invaders or haters Will justice by the sword Ever be served?  

Poem a day challenge #148 (Man)

Man By Scott Bailey © 2013 I am the hunter The bringer down of prey The destroyer The shadow The bringer of fear. I am the master of war The hoarder of riches The steel lord The holder of lightning I am strength and glory So why do I still struggle in vain  

Poem a day challenge #147 (I/O)

I/O By Scott Bailey © 2013 The information superhighway It is a heavy weight Data, redundancy Processes Alerts Objectification Frames Presentations and investors Response Time High availability Validity Technical, radical, practical, logical Balancing load Stresses Testing Testing Test Craving Simplicity