Poem a day challenge #195 (Black Wings)

Black Wings By Scott Bailey © 2013 Black wings Rushing, beating, clouding all Death The all-consuming Undeniable Descends, swoops Threatens and laughs Yet Dismissed with a thought http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk  

Poem a day challenge #194 (Perhaps)

Perhaps By Scott Bailey © 2013 In an unremarkable flat Next to a noisy tapas bar Is where, perhaps, Hawkins might die Folded in his chair It will not be remembered Unlike his remarkable mind Such are the vagaries of life and death Both ridiculous and sublime http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk  

Poem a day challenge #193 (Mother Mercury)

Mother Mercury By Scott Bailey © 2013 Mercury sang to his mother A plea for help against a world That loved his every word and deed But hated his most secret thoughts They would not accept what he was In the deepest part of his soul When will the world catch up With the genius … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #193 (Mother Mercury)

Poem a day challenge #192 (Searching)

Searching By Scott Bailey © 2013 Swimming in infinity Our thoughts and words and deeds Seeking out affinity Where ideas can become seeds And grow beyond the fates Of our everyday lives And open up the gates where potentiality thrives http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk  

Poem a day challenge #191 (Until One Day)

Until One Day By Scott Bailey © 2013 Two Ribbons Of mist Hang Twirling slowly Around him Sitting Silent In his cage A cage of Gold chains And Silver bars Built of responsibility Parenthood Husbandhood Manhood The cage compresses The darkness that Fills it Darkness surrounds him Tries to engulf him But the ribbons of … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #191 (Until One Day)

Another Fantastic Review!

This one for my Poetry Collection! “Great concept to write a poem a day for a year and provides an insight into copying with difficult family circumstances – a recommended read for anyone who has struggled in such situations. Some poems were obviously more personal than others (my favourites were those when the writer cherishes … Continue reading Another Fantastic Review!