Mankind Ltd – What Right?

What right had she to make decisions for other people? What had made her think that those posters were true? How dare she have the courage to break those chains? By Scott Bailey  Read an excerpt here. Available as Kindle or hardback from Amazon or CreateSpace

Poem a day challenge #214 (Human Race)

Human Race By Scott Bailey © 2013 So we draw to the close of another year An arbitrary space of time And to me only one thing is clear That out of the minutes does climb Despite all the doom and the pressure Despite all my weakness and fails No matter my railing at life … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #214 (Human Race)

Poem a day challenge #212 (A Day)

A Day By Scott Bailey © 2013 What good is a day against infinity? What good are muscles against rock? What good is a fence against the flood? What good is will within a lock? Somewhere there’s a key the will open The prison that holds fast the will The waters will part The mountain … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #212 (A Day)