Sales and Stats slowly climbing

I did it! Well, the first of my aims for the end of this year. I made it over 10,000 views this year. Paltry compared to some I know but miles better than any previous year for me. Just another 90 followers to pick up now 🙂 On top of that a few more sales … Continue reading Sales and Stats slowly climbing


By Scott Bailey © 2016 She stared at the artefact. It reminded her of a flower. Well, reminded was the wrong word. She had never seen a flower – there were no more left. They had died out long before she had arrived. Everything had. But in the last few months, her colleagues had managed to … Continue reading Folly

Thirteen Tales – A sampler.

If you are looking for Christmas inspiration or maybe a treat for yourself why not try a collection of ghostly tales? Get comfortable by the fire, or under the duvet, grab your Kindle and lock the doors. To give you a taster read the first story of the collection here.