Meet the Characters – Jane

Mankind Limited Jane Jane is a rebel. Of sorts. She engages in rebellious activity and she is good at it. If anyone had tracked her exploits they might say she was a genius. Because that was correct no one had ever tracked her. But the truth was that so far in her life she had … Continue reading Meet the Characters – Jane

A Spring of Dreams – Distant Clattering

Distant Clattering By Scott Bailey © 2014 A white wedge Spotted in the corner Of a run-down shop Off the track Joyful memories swell And from the past I hear the clattering Of a metal bowl Filling with a quarter pound Of sherbet lemons   Available as Kindle or hardback from Amazon or CreateSpace   … Continue reading A Spring of Dreams – Distant Clattering

A Ghost Sighting – Thirteen Tales

A Ghost Sighting A blatant, carefree affair leads to some odd visions and strange happenings in an ancient cottage in the sticks. Thirteen Tales of Ghosts By Scott Bailey A collection of short stories concerning ghosts. Some are traditional ghost stories in the tradition of M.R. James and Edgar Allan Poe. Other are not. Some … Continue reading A Ghost Sighting – Thirteen Tales