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Beers Against Adversity

I am not a big drinker, for a number of reasons. I couldn’t afford it! I can’t take it. I very rarely get the chance.

Well, I had the chance this weekend. And I needed it.

It’s been trying. My wife has been unwell, her heart condition being exacerbated by viruses and colds. We have money worries piling up and our youngest is struggling with his behaviour at school – we have been summoned! We suspect they have forgotten the fact that he has ASD!

So I had a works do – all expenses paid. I was only supposed to go out for a few – but you know – that third one always persuades you otherwise. Plus it was a bit of a celebration having passed my three-month probation in my new job.

So it turned into a full night. An epic night.

A very long hungover Saturday.

I have to say a big thank you to my wife who understood. It might be some time before I can enjoy something like that again. Despite how she was feeling she let me have that time. Even took the kids out the next day to spare me.

Now we have to face the next hurdles. A visit to the school. A trip to the hospital for her pre-operation checks, then waiting for the phone call.

In between, we are trying to squeeze in time for our eldest who is getting his time with us squeezed by all this. He wants to start clarinet lessons! That, I really want to nurture.

Somehow, strangely, against all expectations, a debauched Friday night has made me feel better able to face it all.


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By Scott Bailey © 2017

Tempting sweet nectar
Scent drifts on the summer breeze
Snap! Fly trapped for lunch



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#Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge


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By Scott Bailey © 2017

The smallest of crumbs
Of hope keep us all trying
Generating cash

In response to the daily prompt Crumb

#DailyPrompt #iamwriting

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Jounalling Again

Spent some time this evening looking back over very early posts on my blog – most of which were of a journal nature back then. It’s been quite emotional and informative. So much so that I have decided that I need to get back to it. In a few years time – if I read my blog now it will only have poems on it!

So you may see the odd one crop up now and then – though most I will probably keep private.

So to begin with anyway a quick precis of my life at it stands.

There have been a lot of changes.

Having lost one child we adopted – that was a stressful experience and a trying time. Now he is a loving member of our family – our son. Since he arrived we have also discovered he hs Autism. That’s a whole new cartload of stress – but at least knowing has helped and he is making good progress now.

All my old posts about my job were largely about the stress factor! This continued and continued until it reached a critical point. So now – and for other reasons too – I have a new job. I am three months in and so far – it has been the best decision of my life! So much better! A different world altogether. My only regret was that I didn’t do something sooner – but then this position was not there and it’s been ideal.

Finally, the other big thing in our lives at present is my wife’s impending surgery. It’s a major operation with hopefully life-changing – life improving consequences.

For all these reasons writing has taken a big back seat – but I plod on – as it’s the only outlet I have to keep me sane!

That and the occasional (very occasional) beer.

Let’s just see how long I keep up the journalling aspect this time 🙂


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Some Feedback Requested

I wonder if I could ask my blogosphere friends a quick favour? Or anyone who reads this in fact?

I am in the process of trying to update my website in order to improve my lagging sales! I am trying out some new text to describe each work – see below. What do you think – are these better than what I already have? (which can be seen here).

Are there any improvements anyone could recommend?


Mankind Limited

Marc trudged on with life, marching in line with his fellow workers. Weighed down by the everyday burdens of life, the pressure to conform, to succeed or face destitution.

Yet he knew, in his heart that it was all wrong, the questions squirmed like fiery dragons in the pit of his heart, beneath his deepest darkest doubts.

Until they grew and burst his sanity, set him on a path of defiance and rebellion. A path that would cross three others – all like him seeking answers.

A path of danger and adventure that would see him marked as a terrorist and fleeing for his life. It would see him find love and heartbreak, hope and despair, Most of all, it would open his eye to the possibility of an ancient and powerful secret that might answer all his doubts and fears.

If he survived.

“In a world obsessed with measurement and success four rebels question everything – including themselves.”

A Spring of Dreams

Three hundred and sixty-five poems in all shapes and sizes. Published day after day for a year. There are haiku, sonnets, katauta, lanturnes and many other forms – including free form. The moods are as varied as the forms and often reflect my mood on the day. There is sadness and grief, joy and love.

If nothing else – these can provide a small moment in everyone’s stressful lives to stop and contemplate the world in a different way.

“The result of a year-long challenge to write a poem a day for a year. Raw and accessible poems of many moods.”

Thirteen Tales (of Ghosts)

As the title says – thirteen tales about ghosts. Yet, while ghosts feature in them all – not all are traditional ghost stories. You will find the vengeful spirit but also the plaintiff one. The haunting message from the past and the playful spirits capturing the joy of their past lives. Some of these visitors from beyond lead the haunted to peace and joy – others take them on much darker paths to places with no return. Enjoy them – just don’t get too comfortable.

“Ideal for sitting around a campfire and late at night under the covers. Or maybe not if the stories themselves are any guide.”

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Elevation – My Sweet Lord

When I say today’s daily prompt ~ Elevate all I could think of was Daleks!

“Elevate! Elevate!”

I couldn’t get that episode out of my head – so I didn’t think I would end up writing anything. In a way that’s still true – I am just waffling here.

But the tenuous link is the kind of elevation that can be experienced when listening to a particularly good piece of music. Tonight a good piece has been returned to my consciousness courtesy – of all things – to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2!

Now it has many good tunes some of which are on my regular playlists already.  But watching it tonight one jumped out at me – that I haven’t heard for a long, long time. It grabbed me and lifted me and I didn’t even wait for the film to finish before I was on the phone downloading it! (Og the wonder of the internet!)

Yep – My Sweet Lord by George Harrison. What a simple but beautiful song. Perfection. Elevating!


In response to the daily prompt Elevate

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