The Age of Reason

By Scott Bailey © 2017 This is the age of reason Apparently What reason then Behind the starving child Tortured by hunger pains What reason Behind the women Sold as toys What reason The stockpiling and use Of weapons of blood One reason One alone That pounds every moment Of our lives In response … Continue reading The Age of Reason

Where the Red Fox Roams

Where the Red Fox Roams   By Scott Bailey © 2014   The timid beasties scatter With tiny racing hearts The scent of blood approaches The herd all ways it parts For here The red fox roams   The scent of fear it rises And fans the fox’s fire Into enslaving passion To raise the … Continue reading Where the Red Fox Roams

Where the Grey Wolves Grieve

Where the Grey Wolves Grieve   By Scott Bailey © 2014   On a barren plain Where food and joy are sparse The desolate packs wander Watching slow time pass Here The grey wolves grieve   With rose stained eyes Patrolling their border wide Preserving what is left Of what they hold inside It’s why … Continue reading Where the Grey Wolves Grieve

Where the Dark Wolf Dreams

Where the Dark Wolf Dreams   By Scott Bailey © 2014   A deep and dark filled cave Upon a mountain high Where no light dares enter And no echo finds reply Shallow The dark wolf dreams   Arumble from within Deep in the dark wolves throat The echo of the growl The terrifying note … Continue reading Where the Dark Wolf Dreams

Where the White Wolves Dance

Where the White Wolves Dance By Scott Bailey © 2014   A ring of solid light Hovers just above the ground Spinning with infinity Casts glamour all around This is Where the white wolves dance   It is said the be the child Of the seed of forbidden fruit Born from secret knowledge Found on … Continue reading Where the White Wolves Dance