One of THOSE days

So TV glamour aside – the reality of living with Autism in the family. I ended the weekend totally exhausted. Went to work determined to leave it all behind me and concentrate on a major project which culminates tomorrow – when we retire two old websites and divert all the users to the newer current … Continue reading One of THOSE days

The Cracked Vase

By Scott Bailey © 2013 The vessel is cracked Still holds the sacred blooms Still revered Though the blooms are without root Rootless. Dying. Still revered. Water though refreshed, Still stagnates Dead blooms replaced With freshly cut. Repetition Builds a patina of respect Authority Habit. The vessel is cracked Empty of life Yet forever filled … Continue reading The Cracked Vase

Mankind Limited – Nothing Changed Read an excerpt here. Available as Kindle or hardback from Amazon or CreateSpace

Playground Laughter – Thirteen Tales

Playground Laughter A group of youths – exploring freedom and each other – find old fears of school creeping up on them. One is left questioning what he saw – and what he did? Thirteen Tales of Ghosts By Scott Bailey A collection of short stories concerning ghosts. Some are traditional ghost stories in the … Continue reading Playground Laughter – Thirteen Tales

Mankind Limited – Succumb

Would all the earth succumb to the concrete blanket of mankind? Was that the best legacy they could leave? Was their vision that limited? One day there would come a time when it would be more profitable to tear these trees down than to leave them. Then there would be no power on earth that … Continue reading Mankind Limited – Succumb