Caged Tiger
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Until One Day

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Caged Tiger

Of mist
Twirling slowly
Around him
In his cage
A cage of
Gold chains
Silver bars
Built of responsibility
The cage compresses
The darkness that
Fills it
Darkness surrounds him
Tries to engulf him
But the ribbons of mist
As he waits
Until One Day

In response to the daily prompt Silent

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Lonely Tree
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The Lonely Tree

By Scott Bailey © 2016

Lonely Tree

The lonely tree
Stood atop the blasted hill
Barren branches snatching
Rays from a mist-shrouded sun

Every now and then
Upon an errant breeze
Flits a weary bird
Resting one more time
On its final flight
Then falls

All around the roots
Dead birds and ash
Giving meager succour
To the lonely tree

One day
From that blood-soaked soil
This tree’s seed will rise
Green will conquer grey
Once more

But too late
For this final witness
Of our fall

In response to the daily prompt Meager

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The Lyrics that Pluck at You

I enjoy revisiting old favourites. Especially music. Bands, songs, albums that have lain dormant for ages – years sometimes. Neglected and forgotten about. Legends!

For the car recently I created a new playlist – a bit more mellow that normal. Instead of picking songs I just added all the songs I have from four different artists. These were Clannad, Enya, Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen.

As I listened there was a song that I have probably heard many many times before Leonard Cohen’s The Window. It passed me by, in the background – I liked it but didn’t really notice. This time it was different. This time it was one of those occasions when suddenly – for inexplicable reasons the lyric reached out and plucked at me, played me, struck me as beautiful, strange and haunting – just how they are sung. They were.

Oh chosen love, Oh frozen love
Oh tangle of matter and ghost
Oh darling of angels, demons and saints
And the whole broken-hearted host
Gentle this soul

I wonder why. I wonder what it is that made me hear those lyrics properly for the first time after I don’t know how many times before.

One of the mysteries and wonders of really good music.




In response to the daily prompt Legend

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The Meek

By Scott Bailey © 2015


The weak shall inherit the earth
So it is written
Of course
When the strong are done with it
It will have lost its worth
A played out empty husk
A flooded desert
Then the meek can have it

In response to the daily prompt Inheritance

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Mankind Limited – Pebble


snap pebble 2

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Mankind Limited
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The Theory Of Learning

William had a theory. It was to do with the way people learned. That was why he never told anyone The Secret. That was why he had to lead them to their own discovery.

But was that right?


Find out more. Follow four people who society could not break as they explore the very idea of rebellion – with action!

In response to the daily prompt Theory

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By Scott Bailey © 2017

From the unimaginable
Of supermassive black holes
To the delicate
Dance of quarks
It all contains
Beautiful and precise
In the conclusion of horror
And the breaking of joy
The shining of rain
And the sweep of the dune
From the swell of the tide
And the retreat

In response to the daily prompt Elegance

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