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By Scott Bailey © 2017

Like mist
Over mounds
And into dells
Following the ebbs
And flows
Shrouding warmth
Falling away
To heaven

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By Scott Bailey © 2013

I am a tolerant man no more

Intolerant of inequality
And all who promote it
Intolerant of injustice
And all those who peddle it
Time to make the world
The way it should be

In response to Daily Two-Word Prompt #181 over at Teresa’s Creations

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The Calling

By Scott Bailey © 2017


Hear the music
Of the spheres
The irresistible
Of the singularities
See the twinkle
The burst of life
Shrouded in the
Nebulous mists
Here the roar
Of the silent yaw
Of space
Here the call
The dare

Will we share
In the song
Or crack
Our own end

In response to the daily prompt Calling

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Meet the Characters – William


William considers himself the only true revolutionary there has been. Living a life of utter destitution below the city, he leads a community of people the rest of the world sees as outcasts and losers.

His is the long game. He know’s the aim, he knows what he is fighting for.

He also knows that he will probably never see the results in his lifetime.

So when the chance to act, the chance to make a difference presents itself will he forget his principles and give up his long-term plan, or stay resolute to his goal?

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Poem a day challenge #307 (Starfire)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Made of crystal
So clear
It can hardly be seen
The breadth of seven men
The height of the clouds
The top unseen
Sparking and crackling
Bright and pure
It is filled with
For miles around
The land knows no dark
The question might be asked
Why it was built
Were there anyone around
To ask it