The Bright Interloper

For JusJoJan 19th Darkness

By Scott Bailey © 2018

Darkness abounds
All around
Never ending
As far and the mind can see
Interspersed with light
Bright, beautiful, enchanting
Far-reaching and inspiring
Mostly there is darkness
All enveloping
Mysterious, powerful


In response to #JusJoJan, JusJoJan


The Accidental Occidental

For JusJoJan 20th SocS (oc)

A word that starts with “oc”. For some reason – occidental immediately sprung to mind. Followed by this random nonsense.

By Scott Bailey © 2018


His mother was a missionary
Who succumbed to forbidden love
She was abandoned and so was he
An orphaned sickly dove

He was always seen as different
Never quite the same
Always outside the circle
Never in the game

With no one to rely on
He learned to keep himself
Learned to get what he needed
Leave nothing on the shelf

He could play the needs of others
Like a bard could play a harp
To get where he was going
His will was cold and sharp

He grew to be a king
Of an unseen empire wide
And nothing could fill the void
That swelled and grew inside

So he used he unrivalled power
To bring down all around
To reduce the home he hated
To debris on the ground

The occidental accident
Happens all time time
So watch out for rising emperors
Who play their tunes sublime


In response to #JusJoJan, JusJoJan