USA Catching Canada!

Thirteen Tales – the race of the Americas is on!

Well, no more sales in Canada as yet but some in the USA means that they are catching up – who will win? Where will I hit the top 10 first? The UK (my homeland) is lagging far behind!


By Scott Bailey © 2018

I am drawn
By slightly parted lips
Swaying hips
Twinkling eyes
A smile
I am drawn
By an inkling


Image from Pixabay

A slightly modified version of an older poem I did that benefits from the addition I think.

In response to the daily prompt Inkling

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For #JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 28th, 2018


So, again I am coming to this late at night – the only time I seem to get to a keyboard these days. We have been out at parks and constructing trampolines in the back garden.

I am annoyed I haven’t had time for this prompt as it’s right up my street. My current work in progress – a collection of epic (by which I mean very long) poems, includes one titled “Will You Follow the Knight”. This is not in a state to be read yet and anyway, will feature in the upcoming collection.

So once again I am reduced to dipping into my “back catalogue” and there is no surprise that I have a few to choose from!

So I won’t choose – here are a few.

Red Steel

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Blood soaked steel
The sword of a knight
Held up proud
Aloft and bright
He hums to himself

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the government
shall be upon His shoulder; and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor,
the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace”

With banshee scream
He storms on down
To hammer home peace.


by Scott Bailey © 2013

Coloured bricks
Red, blue, yellow, white
and many more.

Many shapes
Many sizes
No limits
Many surprises.

Build a fire engine,
A house, a school,
A lake, a park, a city, a town.
A space station and spaceships and an alien host.
A castle,a bridge a knight and a ghost!

All this and more build it all
And never ever build up your wall.

Sky Fight

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Flash in the dark blue sky
Clash of sword and bone
Roar of fire high above
Heaven’s thunderous tone

Samurai meets his nemesis
A dragon of the sky
Golden claw fights silver blade
Above the mountains high

Gods look down with fearful frowns
While people gaze above
Do they fear the fiery jaws
Or the hardened iron glove

The enduring will of the flying knight
Feeds his skilful blade
The ancient wisdom of the drake
Ensures he’ll not be played

Red streaks of fire on velvet sky
Silver streaks cut through
Showers of sparks come raining down
To birth a magic brew

And still the battle blunders on
All over every land
Until the both when both are stilled
By a cold and magic hand


It’s not just me – it run’s in the family. Here’s our oldest (from a few years ago) playing knights with some real ones!



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