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A word is a ripple

Spreading through the world

With slow, subtle effects.

Imagine then what a few more, well placed, can do.

Find out.

A Spring of Dreams

Bu Scott Andrew Bailey

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Empty Tales

For SocS

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “tail/tale.” Use one, used them both, you decide. Enjoy!

Kind of used my lack of inspiration today as the subject.


Empty Tales

By Scott Bailey © 2018

I have no tales to tell
I have
But the retelling of them
Empties them
Of their worth
Tales of today
The same

Image from Pixabay



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By Scott Bailey © 2018

A thought
Am I doing enough
Or is it
The machine
Wearing me down?

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Insist

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