By Scott Bailey © 2014 The free market It pervades every part of our lives Every fabric of our society Why Why did we choose To put all the power Into the hands of the few Greedy individuals Powerful because of their greed Who’s great idea was that? In response to the daily prompt Fabric #DailyPrompt, … Continue reading Market


By Scott Bailey © 2018 When was the last time You really felt The weave of a really Good fabric Wool or tweed? Or the tickling temptation Of lace Over smooth, warm skin. Or shivered in the dark Back against the rough Hard bark of a trunk? The screen steals our eyes And the other senses … Continue reading Feel

Mankind Limited Excerpt

To whet your whistles here is the Prologue and Chapter One. Prologue Darkness outside. From the expanse of his office, the Facilitator gazed down at the city spread below. Orange lights twinkled. A busy machine. It was his. They were entwined. Both products of this still young, brave new millennium. He smiled. He held a … Continue reading Mankind Limited Excerpt