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By Scott Bailey © 2018

See the sky blush with
Golden fire heaven sent
And then the darkness

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

When the sea and sky
Are equal to the viewer
By chance, peace will fall

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Is it Me?

By Scott Bailey © 2103

Flesh and bones and genes.
Is that me?
Shirt and tie and jeans
Is that me?
The places I have been.
Is that me?
The words of praise, the blame that cuts
Is that me?
The songs I loved, the books I have read,
The colours I paint, what I like in my bread.
Are these me? 

The friends I love and miss,
That is me
The taste of beer and chat,
That is me
The love for my wife and sons,
That is me.
The song bursting in my lungs,
That is me
The stories in my head
That is me
The place where I grew up,
where I was wed,
where one son was named, the other laid to rest

That is me

My dreams that are out of reach
That is me.

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Originally published in A Spring of Dreams

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By Scott Bailey © 2013

Wherever words roam
Over fantastical lands
The heart rests at home.


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