Twentieth Century Taliesin

By Scott Bailey © 1999 I am the factory wall, despised and so defaced Covered with graffiti, defiled and disgraced. I am the concrete tower that holds up the concrete road Bleak and faceless white, bearing my toxic load. I am the bin on the street, bursting full with waste Where rats and vermin crawl, … Continue reading Twentieth Century Taliesin

Mankind Limited – The Sky

  The sky to the west was as dark as a promise of Armageddon. It was punctuated occasionally by a piercing fork of blue-white lightning. As piercing as the eyes that watched. Mankind Ltd. Read an excerpt here. Available as Kindle or hardback from Amazon or CreateSpace

Through the Glass (Villanelle)

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Slowly the shadows pass As memories retreat and fade Passing beyond the glass Like springtime budding grass New joys together are made Slowly the shadows pass This pain we will surpass And sunbeams will cascade Passing beyond the glass Though sometimes the shattered glass Will cut us like a blade … Continue reading Through the Glass (Villanelle)