Nothing of Note

By Scott Bailey © 2018 Notable For nothing Our generation Afraid of our legacy Creating Empty copies Of the past Where’s the new? The optimistic These days It only grows Where the ground Is composted With greed In response to the daily prompt Notable #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday

A Ripple of Reviews

I don’t know if that is the correct collective noun but it should be 🙂 Here are a few reviews I have accrued over time. Thirteen Tales (of Ghosts)  Excellently Eerie! AAA+++!! 30 January 2018  Witty, scary, creepy, delicious, and not without a deft touch of wit! Well-crafted visions of the dark side! So refreshing to … Continue reading A Ripple of Reviews


We have a love/hate relationship with it. We do not want to be afraid. We want safety and comfort. Or do we? Underneath, secretly we crave it. The thrill of fear, the arousal of danger. So turn off the lights. Open the pages and delve in. Find the thrill in the words. Thirteen Tales of … Continue reading Fear