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The Return of the Landowner Regime

The redistribution of wealth from the masses to the very rich minority continues apace. The groundwork has been laid.

First, we were seduced with the idea of quick riches – that we could join that elite. Invest in stock and shares – and be a part of our club they said – while they sold off our services.

Be free of your landlord – they said – own your own home – they say – while they sold off social housing.

Invest in your future – save for a rainy day – build your pension pot they said – while they took that money for their own ends.

With the rise of the subscription services model – we no longer own anything. Gone are record collections and family libraries – to be replaced with an intangible library

And now – the pressures start. Our kids start their adult lives saddled with debt from just educating themselves. We, their parents are so under pressure from austerity that we cannot support them. Remortgage after remortgage – after all nothing is as safe as houses.

But when the time comes and we look for our pensions – they are not there! They have underperformed or have just been stolen – gone into the black hole of bankrupt companies.

And then – surprise, surprise – there are suddenly all these companies that can help – with equity release or quick sale promises. All that property – that once belonged to us all – that we dreamed of passing down to our children is being hoovered up. They will end up in the hands of a very few large property magnates.

And we will be back in a feudal society once more. When everything is owned by a few – power will be theirs.

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By Scott Bailey © 2006

Buy a jungle man.
Buy a jungle man.
C’mon bring the cash on.

Buy a jungle man.
Quick as you can.
They’re selling like they’re going outta fashion.

A little bit here, a little bit there.
They’re going fast,
Does anyone care!?

Crush a beetle for juice.
Let the cattle herds loose.
See those trees burn.

A bird of bright feather.
Has gone forever.
We ‘aint ever gonna learn.

Where the sun is beaming.
Once life was teeming.
Now all is dust.

While we strive for our goals.
We say to our souls.
Die if you must.


In response to the daily prompt Abrupt

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Rigging – Wordless-Wednesday

Photo by Scott Bailey#wordless-wednesday

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By Scott Bailey © 2013

Clouds piling up dark
Lightning flashing – sky to ground
Rumbling all around

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Originally published in A Spring of Dreams