The Lyrics that Pluck at You

By Scott Bailey © 2014 I enjoy revisiting old favourites. Especially music. Bands, songs, albums that have lain dormant for ages – years sometimes. Neglected and forgotten about. Legends! For the car recently I created a new playlist – a bit more mellow that normal. Instead of picking songs I just added all the songs I … Continue reading The Lyrics that Pluck at You


By Scott Bailey © 2013 One lumen The light of a candle It can be seen they say For many miles Candles burn tonight One for each lost angel Light that will been seen over many years Still bright in our minds A million candles A fiery sun of bittersweet memories The burning potential Of … Continue reading Candles

Mankind Limited – The Sky

  The sky to the west was as dark as a promise of Armageddon. It was punctuated occasionally by a piercing fork of blue-white lightning. As piercing as the eyes that watched. Mankind Ltd. Read an excerpt here. Available as Kindle or hardback from Amazon or CreateSpace