By Scott Bailey © 2013 So many connections So many lines All taut and humming Junctions and switches A house of cards Delicately balanced Systems Working to full capacity One break from collapse Such is life In response to my daily prompt Balance #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday

Desert Dancers

By Scott Bailey © 2014 In a growing desert on flowing sands Sinking down into dried oasis A market thrives Rich men and women trade Food for souls Hot air for agreement And everyone dances While the sands sink Everyone laughs and sings In response to my daily prompt Desert #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday


By Scott Bailey © 2018 Emboxed Entrenched Inside our own little Echo chambers Not hearing Views Not seeing Sites Shouting Only our way The world wide web Tightens Promised to widen the world Instead Narrowed our minds In response to my daily prompt Embox #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday

Big Brother is Dead

George Orwell’s 1984 Showed us the nightmare vision of socialism gone to extremes It didn’t come to pass. Instead – we welcomed in something far more insidious. Capitalism unmarked. Welcome to Mankind Limited   Welcome to the rebellion Welcome to The Secret