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By Scott Bailey © 2013

So many connections
So many lines
All taut and humming
Junctions and switches
A house of cards
Delicately balanced
Working to full capacity
One break from collapse
Such is life

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In response to my daily prompt Balance

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

The poor relation
In the metal family
First to be used
Didn’t even get an age
Rich, lustre
That draws you on

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In response to my daily prompt Undertake

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Desert Dancers

By Scott Bailey © 2014

In a growing desert on flowing sands
Sinking down into dried oasis
A market thrives
Rich men and women trade
Food for souls
Hot air for agreement
And everyone dances
While the sands sink
Everyone laughs and sings

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In response to my daily prompt Desert

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

Inside our own little
Echo chambers
Not hearing
Not seeing
Only our way
The world wide web
Promised to widen the world
Narrowed our minds

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In response to my daily prompt Embox

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Catching up with Blogging

Life has been so busy! I am so behind with blogging now! Even missing my own Daily Prompts

Thankfully a few people have been keeping them going so they are at least not going to waste. And it’s prompting a few discussions.

I will try and go back and do the ones I have missed though.

Quote of the weekend – from my youngest – at 5 years old. Jumping into a dodgem at the fair, grabbing the wheel and putting his hand on my hand.

“Don’t worry dad. I’ve got this!”

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Big Brother is Dead

George Orwell’s


Showed us the nightmare vision of socialism gone to extremes

It didn’t come to pass.

Instead – we welcomed in something far more insidious.

Capitalism unmarked.

Welcome to

Mankind Limited


Welcome to the rebellion

Welcome to The Secret

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By Scott Bailey © 2013

Marriage was forbidden
Mortal husband taken
Masked in a veil of shame
Must watch her husband’s pain
Most faint in the heavens
Marred by following love
Misty those lives above

By Henryk Kowalewski ( [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Originally published in A Spring of Dreams

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Scotts Daily Prompt Balance

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