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Big Brother is Dead

George Orwell’s


Showed us the nightmare vision of socialism gone to extremes

It didn’t come to pass.

Instead – we welcomed in something far more insidious.

Capitalism unmarked.

Welcome to

Mankind Limited


Welcome to the rebellion

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5 thoughts on “Big Brother is Dead”

    1. I would have to disagree on that. Those countries never had socialism. They tried to replace both a political system AND an economic system with just an economic system. Secondly, their countries were undermined and kept down by the capitalist ones. Their problems were caused and exacerbated by us.

      Plus our capitalist societies have not done that good a job. Perhaps if those desperate people fleeing their countries saw the truth of what they would get when they arrive – instead of the stuff TV sells them, they would think twice.

      In the end, both systems end up the same, just tools for the powerful to milk the rest of us.

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        1. The same Thathcher who destroyed communities and industries because it didn’t make her cronies enough money, who sold off our national rail so now it belongs to foreign companies who make a fortune, providing us with a sub-standard system at the highest prices in Europe that subsidies the lower fairs in their own country.

          There might be more money in capitalist societies but it all belongs to a very, very small minority.

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