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By Scott Bailey © 2018

Wanes while years pass
Becomes something finer
Matured, refined, rich with wisdom
Do not be fooled by its calmness
Maturity and depth
Do not weaken

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I had a go at a butterfly cinquain this time around.


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Neglected Things

By Scott Bailey © 2018

Some words
Are neglected
Not forgotten
Still in the lists
Used when absolutely
For example
When did you last utter it?
Like the object itself
It’s redundant
Only used
When it’s a problem
I feel like a chimney

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In response to my daily prompt Chimney

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In the Hood

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Brushed by crowded, swaying ferns
The scent of warm loam arises
Silence reigns, no birdsong rings
Signs missed by the men approaching
With their plunder they blunder along
Beneath the high arched canopy
And a new scent mingles with forest smells
fear and anticipation
Smooth and straight and true the shaft
Hard the piercing point
Today the plunder will be reclaimed
The price repaid in blood
Together, in silence, we draw our bows

Zoltan Tasi

Originally published in A Spring of Dreams

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Mankind Ltd – What Right?


What right had she to make decisions for other people?

What had made her think that those posters were true?

How dare she have the courage to break those chains?

By Scott Bailey 

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