No Change

By Scott Bailey © 2018 Screaming at the storm The words lost in the thunder Storm undeflected In response to COLLEEN’S WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 99, “CHANGE & DEFY,” #SYNONYMSONLY Check the link for the guidelines and rules Another senryu – I have taken the opposite of one of the words this time … Continue reading No Change

Glory Days

By Scott Bailey © 2013 So the soldier walks alone beneath the starry night He has no aim but distance from the bloody fight But the war it still pursues him snapping at his heels He slips into the forest deep beyond those broken hills O glory days Those glory days They’ve shattered and they … Continue reading Glory Days

Golden Waves

By Scott Bailey © 2014 Waves of gold crash onto the shore Bringing fire and steel and songs and roars Colour and light bleed into the dark Writing new borders,new Gods, new laws Times of war and the shining axe The pagan, the warrior, the thegn The land divided up once more Darkness was here … Continue reading Golden Waves

A Holiday for the Mind

Modern life is frantic – filled with demands and crammed with stress. We forget to tend to the mind – the part of us that has to deal with it all – balance all the spinning plates. What if we could take a holiday each day – just a short one – a few minutes, … Continue reading A Holiday for the Mind