By Scott Bailey © 1998 Do not lightly discard them with tales of the foolish bold. They sat for weeks, for months, for years in trenches freezing cold. Sometimes feet simply mouldered in the sucking mud. And now and then they’d rise and run and spill their loyal blood. Do not belittle the suffering of … Continue reading Debt

The Voice

By Scott Bailey © 2014 There’s a voice I know From way down deep Fuelled by wars That never sleep It’s warm but still will be Ever lonely It sings of thoughts And curses old Soothes the weak And beats the bold Finds us in our weeping And our fury It moves our walls And … Continue reading The Voice

Modern Manufacturing

By Scott Bailey © 2018 Making tiny pieces Of truth Making golden memories Of the past Manufacturing magical times To garner accord Pedalled By the powerful Shepherds Of the sheep In response to my daily prompt Manufacture #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday

Thirteen Tales – Cycles

Cycles (Originally published in Thirteen Tales) Orange light tried to sparkle off the wet tarmac. Otherwise all was still, even the three figures that lay in the road. Two were face down by the kerb, the other was splayed out in the middle of the street. Their faces were hidden by motorcycle helmets. Leather … Continue reading Thirteen Tales – Cycles