First Man – First Class!

I am a little bit obsessed with this film. It is a masterclass of how to do a biopic. I don’t normally like biopics but in the last twelve months, the two best films have both been biopics. Bohemian Rhapsody and First Man. Both very different films – both superb.

Do yourself a favour and watch this one!

No Longer Fit for Purpose!

So, if the MPs who voted against the deal now vote for the same deal because the PM will resign if they do then doesn’t that just show they were never voting on the merits of the deal in the first place, just for their own selfish ambitions. Once again MPS playing games with our lives for their own gains.

It’s about time we said that the whole political system is no longer fit for purpose. Let’s start a new hashtag to let them know!


Andervayne’s Dream – Getting Physical

By which I mean – here is the proof copy!


Already spotted three mistakes 😦

All progress though.

Andervayne’s Dream – Cover Design

So, trying to design the cover for my upcoming poetry collection. So here’s a quick poll – which of these looks best? Are any of them any good? Or should I try again? Let me know in the comments.