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Andervayne’s Dream – Some Details

And Other Poems

Andervayne’s Dream
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More Details

Andervayne’s Dream

In these times of quick gratification and short attention spans, I decided to try and buck the trend and present something not only with greater length but also depth.

The poems in this collection were written over a long period and for different purposes. They are varied but they are all long. And they all represent challenges. Each was a challenge to myself, to sustain a quality of writing for a long period and within tight constraints of form while still telling a story. They also represent and challenge to the reader. The throw off the pressure of everyday life,  the pressure to hurry, hurry, hurry to take the time to read something, absorb it over time.

Such effort needs reward, these poems should not be a one-time quick fix. If the reader is going to put that effort in then there should be a payoff, they should be able to continue to get something from it afterwards. Whether that be from contemplation of what they have digested or from revisiting, rereading and seeing things they missed the first time around. So the final challenge to me was to provide this depth of content – not just quantity.

In the next few days, there will follow a brief description of each of the five poems in this collection.

Keep an eye for more updates to follow. Or watch my author pages here or on Amazon

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The Joker

I was not very interested or impressed when they announced there was going to be a standalone Joker movie. I was even less so when they announced it would be
Joaquin Phoenix playing him.

Then the first images came out and my expectations went down even further.

Then there was this.

Now – I know a trailer is designed to make a film look good – but! Wow! This looks good. Moreover, it looks like a refreshing approach in a fast becoming weary genre. This is not going to be a CGI heavy action movie. This is a slow-paced, intimate character investigation, and a look at mental illness in general.

My mind is changed. Put a smile on that face!