By Scott Bailey © 2013 I make cars I always have As did my father. Prestige cars. The most famous in the world Made with pride. Made with precision. Made to last. To shine and glide! Every working day. All the working hours. My trusty hands create. I may be steeped in habit Tradition and … Continue reading Carman

Andervayne’s Dream – The Tales of the Star Dancer

More Details The Tales of the Star Dancer This is a much older poem and much more lighthearted. It has a strange format which is simply the structure of each twinned verse. It does not go beyond that. It is a flight of fantasy, magic without bounds, just letting my imagination run wild for the … Continue reading Andervayne’s Dream – The Tales of the Star Dancer

Andervayne’s Dream – The Main Event

And Other Poems More Details Andervayne’s Dream This is the longest and by far the most complex of the works here. The main bulk of the poem follows a very strict format (the Prologue and Epilogue are purposefully outside this format and there is meaning in that too). Part of that format informs the inclusion … Continue reading Andervayne’s Dream – The Main Event

Cable Ties

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Cables tie us Hold us tight To one spot Even invisible ones Chains Keeping us busy Keeping us attentive Keeping us productive and consuming So when they are cut We are lost Unable to produce As we once did In response to my daily prompt Spot #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday