Little Corner

By Scott Bailey © 2015 A little corner A little corner That is my world Shrunk in space My only place A desk, a keyboard, a screen A little corner Of a room A little corner of time Stolen time from life’s demands Time to dream The keys on the keyboard are keys Out of … Continue reading Little Corner

Green-Eyed Monster

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Dear Mr HulkI too am greenA different greenNot angerJealouslyI wonderWhich is strongerThe angrier you getThe stronger you getThe more jealous I getOf youFor youCan rage and rageAnd smashWhile I can only seetheConsequence binds me tightSo rememberWhen you condemnYour weaker halfWith contemptIt is harderMuch harderTo be humanThan Hulk

The Tree of the Dead

The Tree of the Dead By Scott Bailey © 2015 Stark black against cold grey skies Black lightning frozen in time Towering and immense Spread over the world The tree of the dead On the termination of every branch Every twig Hang the skulls Uncountable, unimaginable They observe From their cold black sockets With their chilling … Continue reading The Tree of the Dead