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Blunt Hammer

By Scott Bailey © 2013 When horror is turned to loveAnd death has become high romanceDo the forces of the underworldPractice a jubilant dance Do vampires laugh with gleeAnd werewolves lick their fangsAs they open up their gatesWith fanfares, bells and clangs And into their arms they runThe poorly misguided youthAnd their heroes welcome them… Continue reading Blunt Hammer

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By Scott Bailey © 2014 KillersCold and ruthlessHungryFor bloodHot vibrant blood Stepping outOf dark and mistsStrikingFrom dark pathsAnd winding ways Wearing fearLike flowing cloaksChilling hearts that seeStilling lifeUnseen NowThey walk by dayWoo us with tragedyShake our handsEnamour us withTheir smiles Drain usAs we admire their teeth Image from Pixabay

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A Spring of Dreams

365 poems of different forms and moods. A poem a day for a year. Read in a Spring of Dreams now.