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By Scott Bailey © 2006 I sit upon my bed alone.Thinking thoughts of you.My heart sinks slowly like a stone.In a pool so blue. The pain grows greater every day.Need I make that cut?Alas, it is the only way.All other doors are shut. So take the knife and cut me deep.I know it must done.Though this… Continue reading Farewell

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A Deep Green Canopy

By Scott Bailey © 2015 A deep green canopyBack-dropped by a swathe of goldCornSwaying in the windAn overwhelming urgeTo dive into that green seaThe climb and swingAnd screamWith primal joyBut there is a mountain of timeBetween me and that greenEdenMade of commitments and constraintsBurdens and dependenciesSo it dwindlesIn my rear windowA deep green canopyIn mist Image… Continue reading A Deep Green Canopy

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Following a Hearse

By Scott Bailey © 2015 The traffic slowedWe were all following a hearseTodayIn respectful frustrationI took the timeTo look aroundAt the rivers and fieldsThat normallySpeed byWe are all following a hearse

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My dark dystopian vision is starting to look like a brighter alternative!

Humanity reduced to a bottom line. Trapped. In a world where everything is measured and control pervades every area of life, four people begin to break down. Instead, they break through the walls of deceit and propaganda and into a world of revolution. Each, in their way, vow to overthrow the established order. They embark… Continue reading My dark dystopian vision is starting to look like a brighter alternative!

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Feather Crown

By Scott Bailey © 2006 Shake!Awake!Shake!Awake!The sun.Is up!Rise up!Rise up!Open eyes!BeneathBlue skies.Cast offSleep’s reins.See!The plains.No sleep!Breath deep!Sun warms.No storms.Stretch arms.Take arms.Run!In the sun!Take bow!Go!Take spear!Disappear!WhenWind blows.Lift nose.And scentwhy they sentfor you.They come!They run!See!The birds.Speak.No words.Watchthem lead.Theywill feed.Feelthe land.Trustyour hand.Seegrass sway.They comethis way.Feelthe ground.Hearthe sound.Thunderous sound.All around.A moundof meat.Trustyour feet.Spearand bow.Bloodwill flow.Withone voice.Werejoice!And the buffalo pass,to greener… Continue reading Feather Crown

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By Scott Bailey © 2006 It’s not fair. He started it, I didn't. He called me names. I had to do it to stop him. How come I get told off? It’s not fair. It’s a shameful waste. What they do to our world today. The forests they cut down, the whales they kill. The fields… Continue reading Goodbye

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By Scott Bailey © 2016 I don’t dare to dreamReality is too harshTo just brush aside Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

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Winter is coming and the ghosts

As the nights draw in, settle down in front of the fire, get comfy and enjoy some spooky tales! A collection of short stories concerning ghosts. Some are traditional ghost stories in the tradition of M.R. James and Edgar Allan Poe. Other are not. Some scare, some are fun. Some play with the concept of… Continue reading Winter is coming and the ghosts

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By Scott Bailey © 2015 This is my titheThe part of my lifeThat I give to my lordTo survive My uses are hisMy flesh and my bloodSo I am hereOn this field Shoulder to shoulderWith my fellow menShields edge to edgeSpears raised For the right to go onFeed my wife and my sonTo stave hunger awayOne… Continue reading Tithe

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By Scott Bailey © 2015 Shining silver lineWhirling axes high on the hillThe pride and strengthOf the Saxon’s lands They had hammered back the seaEaten up the roadCrossed the kingdom wideWith deeds of valour bold Unbeaten and unbowedHow could they knowThis would be the dayThe kingdom was brought low

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Little Stone Church

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Little stone churchNestled on a hillOverlooking the seaWatching over the harbour still The boats nestled cheek to cheekAnd those tossed on the wavesThe bell rings out a guiding pealAbove the moss stained graves And every sailor on the deckMouths a silent prayerThe church windows watch their pleasWith a cold and empty… Continue reading Little Stone Church

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Little Corner

By Scott Bailey © 2015 A little corner A little corner That is my world Shrunk in space My only place A desk, a keyboard, a screen A little corner Of a room A little corner of time Stolen time from life’s demands Time to dream The keys on the keyboard are keys Out of… Continue reading Little Corner

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On the Edge

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Stand tall on the boardA breeze teases the skin; diveSlapped by water cold Photo by Oliver Sju00f6stru00f6m on

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By Scott Bailey The dark wide iris Sparkling bright now, mists over As it watches time Image from Pexels

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The Tree of the Dead

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Stark black against cold grey skies Black lightning frozen in time Towering and immense Spread over the world The tree of the dead On the termination of every branch Every twig Hang the skulls Uncountable, unimaginable They observe From their cold black sockets With their chilling grins They watch And judge… Continue reading The Tree of the Dead

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By Scott Bailey © 2015 IdeasDreamsDecisionsGoalsAll swept awayIn the rolling seasOf other'sPerceivedRealities

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Broken Shell

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Broken shellEvidence of new life or life cut shortA new hungry mouthOr a hunters hunger satedEither wayLife is givenEvidence foundIn our humble garden Photo by Scott Bailey

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By Scott Bailey © 2015 A hole in the groundStill black water reflectingMeteors above Image from Pixabay

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The Universe

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Special, general Einstein’s relativity Beauty and balance Image from Pixabay

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By Scott Bailey © 2015 Amber brown bristlesFletched trueSightedOn the smooth straight shaftKnockedCreak of woodAnd leatherTense fleshStrength of armYearsOf hard workHard lifePeakedIn tense fleshAimed Deep russet redUndulating tightOver perfect formMoving with suretyStrength and graceSlender neckProud eyesHigh pointsAntlers spectacular Slow high-speedFlightTrueThrough high trunksAncient towersSturdy and roughFlicking leavesPungent smellOf spilt sapOver lazy ferns StruckSunk deepIn perfect fleshDeep… Continue reading Hunter