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The Planets

By Scott Bailey © 2013 The scarlet of firefrom a barrelof a gun.The scarlet of heatfrom the blastof a bomb.The scarlet of rocketsarcing throughthe air.The scarlet of eyesshot throughwith fear.The scarlet of fieldsand memories of thoseburied there.The scarlet of bloodspilt without careon brow and cheek.This scarlet deepso precious and deepis of Mars. The green of… Continue reading The Planets

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The Gulf

By Scott Bailey © 2013 The gulf between us grows and grows.I wonder were we ever close?Is it a myth we tell ourselves?To give us false kudos.  One looks on one with envythe other with disdainBut neither can leave the contractfor nothing is to gain?  Still the gulf grows widerbridges tumble downYet the ties are… Continue reading The Gulf