Sky Fight

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Flash in the dark blue sky
Clash of sword and bone
Roar of fire high above
Heaven’s thunderous tone

Samurai meets his nemesis
A dragon of the sky
Golden claw fights silver blade
Above the mountains high

Gods look down with fearful frowns
While people gaze above
Do they fear the fiery jaws
Or the hardened iron glove

The enduring will of the flying knight
Feeds his skilful blade
The ancient wisdom of the drake
Ensures he’ll not be played

Red streaks of fire on velvet sky
Silver streaks cut through
Showers of sparks come raining down
To birth a magic brew

And still the battle blunders on
All over every land
Until the both when both are stilled
By a cold and magic hand

Image from Pixabay

All for One

By Scott Bailey © 2014

The insane and the dim
The slow and steady
The clever and obnoxious
The bigot and the playwright
The whiner and the wino
The liar and the gambler
The killer, the explorer
The saint and the giver
The healer and the cook
The listener and the teller
The buyer and the seller
The ruler and the subject
The freeman and the slave
The lover and the loner
We need them all
Each a danger, a potential bomb
But given the right time
The right place
The right circumstance
Each can be the one to save us all
To shine
To save
So do not be so hasty
To wipe them out

Image from PIxabay

Originally published in A Spring of Dreams