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By Scott Bailey © 2014

The wistful mist
Rolls on its way
The winding trail
Along the twisting
Shallow vale
Rolling down
From dew green hills
Pausing by
Abandoned mills
Sinking slowly
To the sea
Morning green
Making bursting
Life serene
Until it rises
Into the air
Joining with
The clouds somewhere
Becoming one
Losing shape
From narrow trail
It does escape
Now no more
Gone away
Now no more
Gone away

Originally published in A Spring of Dreams

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Meet the Characters – Jane

Mankind Limited

Mankindd Limited


Jane is a rebel. Of sorts. She engages in rebellious activity and she is good at it. If anyone had tracked her exploits they might say she was a genius. Because that was correct no one had ever tracked her.

But the truth was that so far in her life she had been a follower, not a rebel. She had followed her brother into rebellion and lent her genius to his to fight whatever foe he chose next.

She knew nothing else. It had been her life. And she did not realise that her heart was not in it. Not until the right catalyst lights up her passion and her anger. Then her genius is given the chance to really shine.

Yet will she rise to the challenge?