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Quote Me

In response to Scott’s Daily Prompt, Quote Me

A little explanation need for this one. The quote I always come back to is one from Frank Herbert’s Dune.

The only constant is change

I come back to this when times are tough, to remind me – nothing is forever. Even the hard times will end. But also to keep perspective – I always try and think – will I care about what I am worrying about in 10 years time. If not – it’s not worth the stress now! (I know that’s easier said than done.)

With that quote in mind here is a quick Haiku inspired by it.

Even the mountains
Are impermanent giants
The wise realise
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By Scott Bailey © 2015

“It was just a bit of fun”

To the broken hearts and home

“I meant no offence”

To the victims of riot and guns

“I was just following my dreams”

To the crushing weight of debt

“I will never do it again”

To the frightened wife and child

“I was trying to save some cash”

To the shattered future lost

“I thought I knew best”

To the chances that are gone

“My intentions were good”

To the consequences of action


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Scott’s Daily Prompt 04/01/2022

Today’s prompt is.

Quote me 

Do you have a favourite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?