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32 Flavours

In response to Scott’s Daily Prompt, 32 Flavours

32 Flavours
What to try, what to try
They have mint choc chip, my favourite
But I always have that
Everyone’s telling me to try some new
Expand my horizons
I want to try rum and raisin. 
But the buzz on the street is asparagus and chilli!
The kids want that new take on raspberry ripple
But it’s so expensive
I feel bad, all their friends have had it
How can I deny them this?
But really my heart is set on vanilla
What to try, what to try
Time’s up!
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What Ifs

By Scott Bailey © 2014

What ifs hang on
Like poisoned barbs
Even in the face of reality
All reason tells you
Let them go
Rip them from the flesh
Yet deep they go
Sharp their points
Beyond the anaesthetic
Of mere words
So rise up
From the river
Of doubt
Rip that flesh and bleed
Step on the shore of tomorrow
Healing first needs hurt

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Scott’s Daily Prompt 10/01/2022

Today’s prompt is.

32 flavours 

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else